The number one issue facing Loudoun County is growth pressure.


As we grow, we need to ensure that our expansion is managed well.  Supervisors must work with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that development is not prioritized at the expense of the surrounding infrastructure, but rather in conjunction with it.


I will bring my background in civil engineering to the table and recommend that we take a moment to look to the future before we build and consider the community implications of each new project, ensuring higher sustainability.



Loudoun County Public Schools need our help. We are the wealthiest county in the country, and our education system should reflect that.


I believe in fully funding our schools every year, providing adequate support for our special needs and Gifted & Talented programs, and making sure our teachers receive competitive pay and resources so they can focus on our children. Education has lost, on average, more than $30 million each year for the past three years, even though our school system is only growing. I think everyone will agree that our children are our priority, so it’s time we start making decisions more in their favor.



Transportation has been a top issue for more than a decade, and congestion is a direct result of our growth far exceeding our ability to keep pace. Loudoun's taxpayers are disproportionately burdened with paying for transportation improvements. Our debt continues to rise to accommodate this growth, and the borrowing costs negatively impact Loudoun far into the future.


We must be more measured with our transportation and infrastructure investments to ensure that we have a high quality of life and can attract industries that provide quality jobs here. With the Silver Line in Loudoun, we need to build the necessary accommodations and infrastructure that will lend itself to those new stations while incentivizing telework for Loudoun businesses. Our approach to transportation must be revised so as to support the expansion of citizen-oriented complexes such as community and recreation centers, short and long-term residences, and local business venues.


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